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New Video Format Feature on YouTube – YouTube HDR Feature

By | November 15, 2016 | 0 Comment

YouTube is a video sharing website. This is news for new video format feature on youtube.The service has been provided by chief executive officer (CEO) Susan Wojciki. YouTube is the best video web service for us. We can always find any information from YouTube so that it’s the biggest platform in the worlds. Actually, I learned every day from YouTube so that it’s my teacher as a general way. However, recently youtube has been published HDR (High Dynamite Range) video format. As a result, the range of image color, width and brightness would be increased. In addition, for increased contrast, the video will show more.

New Video Format Feature on YouTube

New Video Format Feature on YouTube

Although, youtube will publish the format opportunities but Netflix and amazon already used this format opportunity before few month. On the other hand, although the feature will be published, users have to use HDR support display to use this feature successfully. Technological analysts mind that this is the biggest achievement for youtube. For the self-confidence, HDR technology is the top vote of youtube. But for using this technology, we should manage HDR supported display.

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