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Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro – Samsung Master Reset

By roney | November 19, 2016 | 0 Comment

The page is about the hard reset Samsung galaxy c9 pro. We need to reset our android smartphone when we face various smartphones problems. This is hard for them whose didn’t know basic about android operating systems. Android is the best operating systems after iOS. This operating system produces by Google so that this is the best and more comfortable for the general users. Presently, a lot of android smartphone users also using this operating system for their privilege because this operating system would be easy to use frankly.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

After all, we have to remove problems of our android smartphone so that we need to make hard reset as well. The hard reset process is not easy at all, some user cannot finish hard reset process as a result, and the problem has appeared again. Even for this cause, I want to show you how to hard reset Samsung galaxy C9 pro successfully. Now you will know top hard reset cause for Samsung smartphone.

We know that android smartphone has been locked on the various time if we do some small mistake. If you hand over the smartphone from other and this person’s type wrong password repeatedly, once time the smartphone will be locked. So smartphone lock, forget pattern, forget a password, smartphone update, new smartphone, general smartphone therapy is the main cause for hard reset android smartphone. Okay, now we can go ahead to hard reset Samsung galaxy C9 pro.

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Two ways for reset android smartphone

Requirement of reset Samsung

  1. An active Samsung android smartphone
  2. Smartphone battery charge up 40% to 50% (how recommended?)
  3. Create any platform as yourself to backup data (optional)

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

  • Confirm that your smartphone battery charge been followed the requirements rules.
  • If the smartphone power is on then off it also using this Samsung galaxy C9 Pro power button.
  • After turn off, wait for 1 minutes and then the press volume +(plus) button, Home button, and power button.
  • Release the whole button after appearing the Samsung logo from this Samsung galaxy C9 pro.
  • After appearing android recovery mode, select (Wipe Data – Factory Reset) using the volume (-) down button.
  • Again select “Yes–delete all user data” using volume (-) down button.
  • Now select “reboot system now” of Samsung galaxy C9 pro
  • As well as the hard reset Samsung galaxy c9 pro has been succeeded

Factory and soft reset Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

  • Tap on Apps from the Samsung Galaxy C9 pro home screen
  • Go to Setting option of hope screen
  • Now tap on setting option then erase the smartphone
  • Tap on delete—-all—User data/ Factory data reset
  • After few second, the soft and factory reset will be finished successfully

If you success to make a hard reset on the Samsung galaxy c9 pro android smartphone, you can follow various steps to make this smartphone always good. So now follow the Samsung galaxy c9 pro rooting guideline. So now go ahead steps by steps and keep your smartphone always safe.


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