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How To Hard Reset LG G4 –

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LG G4 Mobile phones are a very useful thing for all of us. But there was a time when we had our chance. And it was because of our letters. So, I think mobile is a medium which is very good for us and will be coming to all of us. The person who invented this thing, the father of the mobile phone, which is why we’re now the ability to use it. Although we all use a mobile phone I think we do not know the proper use of it, which is why many of us are a lot of problems. When we think to use the Internet, we need to fix the computer or android mobile. We live in the country nearly 20 million people, and everyone has a mobile phone. And when we think that we’ll be in touch with everyone that is exactly when we need it. Computers are better than all of us, which we can use the Internet. We can also arrange another genre of communication. And it’s very good and easy way for everyone. Below tooth is the best for transfer data to another device we can easily use it. Many people are thinking about the communication how to very quickly

About the internet how search of your work

There are many people in our country, I think they are absolutely unemployed, which is why we can not use the Internet. And I think if we could use it to fix if we knew much more. Through the Internet, we can do all of our work. When you’re working as a job you do not know when you can do it via the Internet. If you do not know of any work on the Internet.So we want to know about the job. Then we are open google chrome or internet Explore and opera mini. First open the browser then just type in search box or and then you can find out your all problem solution. And I think If you can try and read the all solution step by step then all work will be very easy many people are thinking all man can do the job but why I don’t know. And also android mobile is very best way to do your all work by this device. When you want to know your product price just type LG G4 brand name and mention price then must show all price on your desktop or mobile display.

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How To Factory Reset

Before hard reset your smartphone we have to remamver. First Turn off our mobile phone and then remove the battery from your mobile. And also SIM card or SD card remove from your smartphone. If you forgot the work then maybe you lost your all important data or never you get the data again so if you remember about that. It will useful or again get you all data.

1. Power Off your LG G4 mobile phone.

2. So Now Press and hold Volume UP Button and Power button together.


3. Then you see factory data reset Now tap yes for Erase all user data & restore default setting?


When you work is done then mobile will reboot. After reboot your device then your phone is ok.

In the end, just finish your LG G4 mobile

Mobile is all time need for us always. When we are going to any place then immediately your all news to send our relative. It is possible same now I want to share many courses  TV is the best all news we get by this divide. If we don’t get all news then All the time to get to know us, to keep us all informed. And I think that very soon we will be able to solve all our activities. There is no end to learning, there is no age to learn the things that we can learn at any age. ‍So please to know your all work go there, Where you can do and know you’re all work If you try Think you will success So guess now I want to finish my work and.

  1. At first power on your mobile phone
  2. then tap setting option on your mobile.
  3. Now Tap general and Reset device.
  4. Tap factory reset data then reset the phone.
  5. Erase every think option
  6.  So Now complete your work.

how to reset your lg 4 you can see this video


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