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Google will Restricted False Information or Fake News Website

By roney | November 22, 2016 | 0 Comment

Google will Restricted False Information

Google will restricted false information or fake news website. This is going to clear that fake information website would be panelized by Google. However, there have a lot of false or fake content on the web page in the world and the owner of these websites get revenue using Google AdSense. So American Search Engine Google will be going to take action such website that provides fake news or information and getting revenue from Google AdSense. This news has been published by Google on the 15 November 2016. They told that those websites using their AdSense network and publishing false information or fake news the information will be restricted.

Google will Restricted False Information

Google will Restricted False Information

Google News

The action has to be taken after selected the American new president Donald Trump. There was a lot of false of fake information about American election even this is harmful for the American election. Especially, Twitter and Facebook was the top social media for fake or false information about the American election. Not only these social media platform, others social site is related in this case so that Google has been taken a decision for them. Although, Google said that they will take an action but this president Election Day, Google has been showed fake result about election vote. If anyone search in Google with the “Latest election count” keyword then Google show that Donald Trump is first and a lot of votes but this time the election time doesn’t end yet.

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After all, Google said that we will go ahead but if we find any fake or false information website then of this website we will disable Google AdSense account. Although, they told that they will disable Google AdSense account but they didn’t show more that how they will disable the Google AdSense account. They also told that fake or false informant selection is not easy at all but they will try with the best experience.

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