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Bangladesh Passport Renewal in China FAQs

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Answers to few often asked questions about Bangladeshi passport renewal in China.

1) In China where can I renew, amend or make new passport?

A Bangladeshi passport holder can renew, amend or apply for a new passport from Bangladesh Embassy in Beijing and Consulate General of Bangladesh in Kunming.

2) Can I renew, amend or apply for a new passport by mail?

Yes, you can renew and amend passport by mail, but to apply for a new passport you have to be present in the Bangladesh Embassy in Beijing.

3) What are the rules of renewing, amending or applying for a new passport?

For renewal, either the passport holder has to be present in the embassy or he can do it via post.

For a new passport, the passport holder must be present at the embassy.

For revision, if there is any kind of error in the passport, to revise it, the passport holder needs to write an application to the first secretary of Bangladesh Embassy and has to fill up specific form.

4) What is the maximum and minimum period of renewal of a passport?

For maximum 5 years and minimum 1 year can passport be renewed at a time and if the validity of the passport exceeds 10 years, then the passport holder must have to collect a new passport.

5) Can anyone renew, amend or apply for a new passport on behalf of me?

Yes, a person other than you can be your representative and can renew your passport on behalf of you. But for applying for a new passport you have to be present at the embassy.

6) If pages of my passport are finished while I am in China what kind of documents and how many copies of photo are needed?

In this matter, you have to go to Bangladesh Embassy in Beijing with six copies of photo and apply for a new passport. You can also apply by mail.

7) If I lose my passport while I am in China what to do and what documents are needed?

If you lose your passport, first of all you have to inform about it to the nearest police station and collect a police report from there. And then you have to submit the police report to the embassy with a photocopy of the lost passport and six copies of photo.

8) What is the time-table of applying for renewal, revising or a new passport?

One can apply for the renewal, making addition, revision of the passport five days a week, from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

9) How to apply for machine readable passport MRP?

To apply for MRP (machine readable passport), the applicant has to bring a photocopy of National ID or Birth Certificate with him/her in the embassy and it will take 21 days up to 2 months to process. Please also be informed that your photo for the MRP will be taken at the embassy.

From 2014, hand-written passport will not be acceptable anymore. So within 2014, it is mandatory for everyone to collect Machine Readable Passport.

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Application Form

10) Required Documents for New Passport/Renewal :

  • Application Form
  • 2 copies of 55 x 45 mm size photo
  • National ID (NID)
  • Birth Certificate

11) Fees:

For 5 years
General fee: 770 RMB,          Duration: 21 days up to 2 months
Emergency fee: 1320 RMB,   Duration: 1 day (for the handwritten passport only)

New passport:
General fee: 770 RMB,           Duration: 21 days up to 2 months (for Machine Readable Passport)
Emergency fee: 1320 RMB,    Duration: 1 day (for handwritten passport only)

Fee: 100 RMB,  Duration: 21 days up to 2 months (for Machine Readable Passport)

If you have further queries please contact Bangladesh Embassy in Beijing.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
42, Guang Hua Lu
PR China

Address (Chinese):

Tel. +86-10-6532 2521 / 6532 3706
Cell: +86-15101559743 (in case of emergency)
Fax : 86-10-6532 4346
E-mail: hlpdskbdootbeijing[at]


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